prueba maridaje

About this drink

Well first, bitters are generally not bitter. They’re traditionally a highly concentrated extraction of aromatics like fruits, spices, flowers and roots. Generally, they’re used in tiny quantities to a whole new dimension of flavor to a cocktail. Bitters have enjoyed a big resurgence of popularity in recent years and can now be found in any reputable liquor store and many grocery stores. We recommend trying a few out, finding one you like, and personalizing your own Manhattan cocktail.


  1. 1/2 fill a cocktail mix with cubed ice
  2. Add all ingredients and stir few seconds
  3. Strain the liquid into glass
  4. Add 2 lemons on a pick and rest on side of glass.


  1. A classic, refined, whiskey-forward cocktail.
  2. 50 ml Mezcal Reposado.
  3. 12.5 ml Sweet vermouth.
  4. 12.5 ml Dry vermouth.
  5. 2 Dashes bitters.

prueba maridaje

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